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Special Guest Bgirl Annabel

February 18, 2023/ Author: Naj


Bgirl Annabel

We have another amazing Special Guest for ya🔥 What a year already and we're just getting started! This is a do NOT miss opportunity to learn from Bgirl Annabel. She is Seattle Bgirl who danced with DVS Crew in the 90s and co-produced the first all female hip hop event Invasion of the Bgirls. Featured in the We B*Girlz and Blaze Magazine, she has also written about the Seattle and New York Breaking scene in her own book Step Step Jump.

Annabel will be teaching her workshop Mambo to Hip Hop. This will sound familiar if you have seen the 2006 documentary From Mambo to Hip Hop by Henry Chalfant. (If you haven't make sure and check it out) Henry has encouraged Annabel to use the name and continue spreading this knowledge. She is gunna take us on a journey, starting with Mambo and Salsa we will warm up our bodies and then look at similarities and differences in footwork and rhythms as we get in to the basics of Toprocks. Annabel will also teach about the history of Cubans and Puerto Ricans coming to NY in the 40s, the explosion of popularity in Salsa in the 70s and how these two cultures contributed to Breaking.

Here's the link to purchase Annabel's book-

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