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CQ 5 Year Anniversary Special Guest Workshops

October 5, 2023/ Author: CYPHER Queenz


Special Guest Workshops

CYPHER Queenz is excited to partner with 4theluvofit for our 5-year anniversary celebration with special guest workshops featuring Bontia, AsiaOne and Rockafella! This is a 🔥 lineup for Bgirls that you don't wait to miss!

Special thanks to @seaofficeofarts and @artsfundseattle

Bonita Saldaña's was inducted into the world-famous Rock Steady Crew in 2006, where she had the privilege of learning from the true legends of the Hip Hop game. This profound knowledge served as the cornerstone for her evolution into the renowned "Bgirl Bonita." Beyond her accomplishments as a Bgirl in cyphers and battles spanning the globe, she seamlessly transitioned into the commercial realm, gracing numerous TV shows and music videos, dancing alongside celebrated artists. Most notably, she recently joined a distinguished coaching collective under Breaking for Gold USA, offering invaluable support to American Bboys and Bgirls vying for a place on the Paris 2024 Olympic stage.

Asia One is known worldwide as a Bgirl icon, Hip-Hop pioneer and activist. A visionary trailblazer and trendsetter, Asia’s influence has been instrumental in setting the bar for standards in the arts of Hip-Hop with skills + knowledge being the supreme combination for personal and global transformation. As a seasoned educator, performer, host, and judge – she is known world-wide as a premier consultant on Hip-Hop cultural lifestyle and travels the world regularly performing, speaking and building with international ambassadors of Hip-Hop culture on the future evolution of Hip-Hop dance and achieving social justice through the culture as a movement.

Ana "Rokafella" Garcia is a NYC native who has represented women in Hip-hop dance professionally over the past three decades. She co-founded Full Circle Prod Inc- NYC's only non profit Break Dance Theater company with her husband veteran Bboy Kwikstep generating theater pieces, original poetry and local dance related events. In addition to directing the documentary about Bgirls " All the Ladies Say" she premiered a new dance work Beauty Meets Beast to help explore the duality of women in Street and Club dance. She is hired internationally to judge Break dance competitions based on her knowledge of the classic Hip-hop dance style. She teaches unique workshops aimed at celebrating the roots and history as well as the technique of classic Hip hop dance styles and has hosted Breakin sessions at various locations in NYC since 1997 including The Point CDC, The Door, High Bridge and Alfred E Smith. Presently an adjunct professor at The New School and a Hip hop dance instructor at NJPAC she motivates aspiring dancers to understand and to learn the business side of being an independent artist.

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