About Us

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To create a space for Bgirls to learn, session, cypher and build community elevating women in the Seattle Hip Hop breakin scene.

Empower and uplift women in the Hip Hop breakin scene for a healthier, safe and balanced environment that will benefit all communities.

Since 2001 three Bgirls, Naj, Bean and Lee dived into the breakin' culture that quickly became a huge part of their expression, growth and purpose. Over the years there was a growing desire to create more space for other Bgirls that was not intimidating and celebrated women. Their strong connection as women was a main factor in encouraging each other to continue their passion in the breakin' scene. They asked themselves, "would more Bgirls start and stick around if we did more for them? Yes!"

CYPHER Queenz began in 2019 after many years of seeing a need for more community for Bgirls. We give props to all the Bgirls who have been holding it down for a long time, but have observed many women briefly coming into the scene and then quickly leaving because of lack of support. There is an explosion of talented Bgirls all over the world now and there is so much more to come. In Seattle, we want to provide that space for them.


Beginner friendly – no experience needed

We teach and support women just getting started from day one.

Honoring the roots

We want to pay respect and spread knowledge honoring the roots of Hip Hop from the Black and Brown community, particularly highlighting women in this history.


We value being an inclusive welcoming environment for all regardless of gender and sexual identity, race and ethnicity, economic and faith backgrounds.

Community driven

We are volunteer run where all profits and donations go back into improving Cypher Queens events for the community.

Toxic free behavior

We do not tolerate behavior that minimizes and abuses others for individual gains, rather we focus on unity through building community.

Creative expression

We value art forms for expression beyond bgirling that enhance women and the Hip Hop community.

Empowerment focused

We want to create an environment that strengthens and empowers individuals into a mature focus of using gains to help the most vulnerable in society.

No Excuses

no excuses logoGoodFoot Collective Logo

Cypher Queenz is partnered with The Good Foot Arts Collective to participate in the NO Excuses campaign and how we can collectively provide a safe space for advocacy, education and empowerment to the scene concerning issues that have been most impacted by bgirls.

The Good Foot Arts Collective “NO Excuses” campaign advocates for safety and empowers youth to build an environment of NO tolerance for violence, sexual misconduct, toxic behavior or abuse in BIPOC youth communities and in the hip hop, street dance community.